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ℋi lovely, my name is Ira &

dining (by princessinboots)
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Goodnight lovelies! <3 I love you :*


[Gif] Fifty Shades Of Grey (part 3)See: part 1 &amp; part 2
Warm Cake III by Ira V. Simon on Flickr.My photography, please don’t delete the credit..
[Gif] Warm Cake by Ira V. Simon.
Warm Cake II by Ira V. Simon on Flickr.My photography, please don’t delete the credit.
Warm Cake I by Ira V. Simon on Flickr.My photography, please don’t delete the credit.
Warm Cake IV by Ira V. Simon on Flickr.My photography, please don’t delete the credit.
.. (by 髒布鞋小姐)
01FH000035 (by tobimaru.)
charlie, june 2014 (by eleonor brave)

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May I present you 2nd Tumblr Grammy awards! I thought to do another edition of this awards because I found it so interesting and first one was very successful. This awards/idea is based on original Grammy awards. With this awards I wanted to create awards which is based on idea of Grammys - giving titles/rewards to the best ones. Follow the rules to be considered!
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Check out first winners and nominees of Tumblr Grammy awards.
This is how Grammys are going to work.Those ones with asterisk in awards will have 3-5 nominees (im going to handpick nominees,im going to promote nominees in lists and the winner with solo) and i’ll put them into randomizer and randomizer will choose the winner for each category they are into.
Also one more thing&#160;: Those who already participated and was nominated and got award he can also be nominated again and get award.
Undiscovered blogs who got under one thousand followers need to send me screenshot of their followers counter with saying undiscovered blog in my submit box here
Winners will get a fansign (as Grammy statue,and the title of category they won),place on my awards page forever and you can get a special friend (that would be me).
Awards : 
Best vintage blog*
Best blue vintage blog*
Best pale/white vintage blog*
Best colour-coded blog
Best green vintage blog
Best themed blog*
Best url*
Best background*
Special reward for the personality
Best overall
Best undiscovered blog
Best other (Alternative/pale blogs,fashion,etc..) 
My personal favourite
I’ll be doing this when this reach decent amount of notes. Im hoping you are having beautifull day and smile everyday,because every day is special! Happy reblogging cuties
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ℋi lovelies! Some of the blogs featured on my Favorites Page are gone, so it’s time for an update :3
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