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ℋi lovely, my name is Ira &

Come Here II by Ira V. Simon on Flickr.My photography, please don’t delete the credit.
Sep 2,2014 ♔ 1 note

I’ve saved all notes from the promo so you can delete it already <3 
I will try to post it tonight even though I’m REALLY tired so if I can’t do it tonight I’ll do it tomorrow morning, ok? ily lovelies <3


13071owaku_fuminori02 (by Tokyo Sightseeing Photo Club)
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I used to hate myself. I used to feel disposable, left behind. The one that didn’t matter, the one nobody needed. But I changed. I changed when I met lonely people. Sad, broken, bitter people that felt exactly the same way I did. Because they hated themselves so much, but I could see their beauty. Shinning through their skin, their eyes sparkling, their bodies as maps, showing all they went through. Their strength, to be standing after being beaten up by life, so many times. And their hope - which they kept deep within, even though they didn’t notice it. I saw so much beauty in all those broken people and wondered, why do they hate themselves so much? Why can’t they see their beauty, their worth, their endless possibilities? And I couldn’t help but thinking "I may be like them". I might have all those things, yet I can’t see them. And maybe, just as I could see their beauty, someone else out there could see mine. They made me realize that the fact you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because you don’t feel beautiful doesn’t mean there’s no beauty in you. Just because you feel worthless doesn’t mean you can’t do anything, or mean anything. You are special, you just need to work real hard for your eyes to see it, for your soul to feel it. For you to believe it.

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Woha ok I haven’t eaten this much in months and I really hope my body will handle it because I really want to gain weight and my body tends to react in a negative way when I try to “push” myself… 


Lazy Summer Days by The Three Whisketeers on Flickr.
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No, I definitely didn’t just go through 139 pages of Taylor Momsen’s photos. Absolutely not. Not at all.

Spring 2012 (by Restaurant Okada)
Tigrou-9 (by Guikur 31)
A love for coffee (by Khairul)
DSC_0342 (by wera 1994)
(by S. Lee Miller)

Look Up by Ira V. Simon on Flickr.My photography, please don’t delete the credit..

untitled by ShoKan ZHONG on Flickr.
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